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Just in Case

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This week we found this nearly flawless, vintage 1960s faux snakeskin beauty case from Verymelicious on etsy. A great find at only $27. Click on the images below to see the seller’s listing.

Written by Verdell

May 10, 2012 at 7:36 pm

Featured Seller: Bayan Hippo

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Bayan Hippo has developed a solid reputation as a purveyor of affordable, handmade fabric handbags and totes. I have purchased two bags from this seller in the past and will likely get another one soon. With the spring and summer months ahead, I’m leaning toward the “Sailor Tote Bag” below. Reviewers rave about how well-made these bags are and apparently the rope straps are super soft too. Now I just need to settle on a color.

Most of Bayan Hippo’s bags can be custom made-to-order in different sizes, colors, longer or shorter straps, etc. Click on the images below to visit Bayan Hippo’s etsy storefront.

Sailor Tote Bag made by bayanhippo on etsy. Available in red & white, navy blue & white, or yellow & white. $33.

Chartreuse Set

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Marilyn Monroe was buried in chartreuse, the color of her favorite Pucci dress. Chartreuse is a tricky color. It’s somewhere between green and yellow and I’m never quite sure if I love it or hate it. But today I am enamored with it because I found this unusual, vintage suede purse with matching gloves, both wrapped in brown leather trim. $50 on eBay. Click on the images below to see the listing.

Written by Verdell

November 21, 2011 at 3:12 pm

Vintage Leopard Vanity Case & Matching Scarf

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Another great find. Vintage leopard print vanity case with matching silk scarf. Current bid $4.93 on eBay. Click the images below to see the full listing.

Fashion Files: André Courrèges

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André Courrèges, self-proclaimed inventor of the mini-skirt, launched his ultra-modern ‘Space Age’ collection in 1964 and went on to become one of the most copied fashion designers of all time. A former civil engineer, Courrèges’ clothes were sharp, angular and mathematically designed. His clean-cut collection included trouser suits with immaculately cut straight legs and streamlined jackets. The look was created using heavyweight gabardines and other heavy fabrics to maintain a rigid structure. He also employed PVC, metal and plastic in many of his designs.  

Today, vintage Courrèges pieces from the 1960s are rare and can sell for hundreds of dollars. Below are some vintage Courrèges items found on eBay and etsy this week. Click on each image to see the full listing.

Courrèges red wool gabardine mini-dress, 1964. Photo credit: Victoria & Albert Museum. Dress donated by Stavros Niarchos.

Vintage Courrèges “Eskimo” sunglasses. Current bid $162.47 on eBay.

Vintage 1960s Courrèges Sunkist orange PVC jacket from TimelessVixenVintage on etsy. $550.

Vintage Courrèges cap toe patent gogo boots from pamcoco on etsy. $335.

Vintage Courrèges lavender a-line dress from vintagedresscloset on etsy. $395.

Vintage Courrèges purple PVC vest by pamcoco on etsy. $525.

Vintage Courrèges dress with mesh back from violentvintage on etsy. $390.

Vintage 1960s Courrèges structured jacket from EndlessAlley on etsy. $110.

Mod Courrèges orange vinyl wallet from snapitupvintage on etsy. $175.

Vintage Courrèges modernist earrings from popgoesmyvintage on etsy. $40.

Vintage Courrèges black vinyl purse from snapitupvintage on etsy. $285.

Vintage Courrèges “Futur Couture” dress. $690 on eBay.

Vintage 1970s Courrèges ivory wool and mohair dress from thriffany on etsy. Also available in black. $250.

Vintage 1960s Courrèges navy blue handbag from TheMysteryDrawer on etsy. $150.

Vintage Courrèges stamped enamel necklace. $95 on eBay.

Vintage Courrèges sheer sweater from violentvintage on etsy. $120.

Vintage Courrèges sweater with drawstring waist. $109.99 on eBay.

Vintage 1970s Courrèges silk scarf. $160 on eBay.

Vintage Courrèges “Sport Futur” dress. $213.34 on eBay.

Vintage Courrèges sunglasses frames on eBay. $85.

Vintage Courrèges Hyperbole wool jacket. $699.95 on eBay.

Vintage Courrèges sculptural sunglasses. $980 on eBay.

Vintage 1970s Courrèges cashmere blend turtleneck sweater. $70 on eBay.

The Long View

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Here on the blog, we like our handbags long and strong and we’re down to get the friction on (apologies to Sir Mix-a-Lot).

Sometimes, a handbag is just a handbag. Nothing more than a utilitarian vessel for your crap. Sometimes they are status symbols, carried by it girls and celebrities and coveted by the middle class. Then there are the rare ones. So astonishing on their own, they become part of the outfit.

I own such a handbag.

At an imposing 22 inches in length, my vintage black leather clutch, with its brass frame and sleek, single compartment, is the first to arrive at the party and the last to leave. One does not take this purse out on the town, the purse takes you.

It’s not easy to find an impressive specimen like mine on the Internet. If you’re in the market for an extra long purse that will command a room, you can’t really search for purses by length, it’s tedious. And length is not just important here. It’s everything. The handbags you browse must be 14 inches or longer. 16 to 18 inches is ideal. For maximum drama, 20+ inches is the holy grail. And rare. If you find one, buy it. Immediately. You’re not searching for shoulder bags here. You want clutches, envelope purses, baguettes. Vintage categories will produce better results.

To help you along on your quest, below I have assembled the results of my latest extra-long handbag search. Click on each image to see the full listing.

22 inches! Incredible vintage burgundy clutch on eBay. A rare find. $99.

19 inches! Vintage black patent super long clutch from NanasMercantile on etsy. $47.50.

18.5 inches. Vintage tapestry clutch on eBay. $45.

16 inches. Vintage 1960s exquisite white clutch from ayek8 on etsy. $24.

17 inches. Vintage 1970s extra-long silver clutch with purple lining on eBay. $16.95.

16 inches. Vintage 1950s to 1960s Cadillac clutch from gokittengo77 on etsy. $24.

18 inches. Vintage, light yellow, woven (possibly silk) purse with plaid interior from dancingwindcreations on etsy. $40.

15 inches. Vintage 1950s dark brown elongated clutch from theswankyfox on etsy. $18.

14.5 inches. 1970s beige foldover clutch from rockthisvintage on etsy. $20.

14 inches. Vintage 1960s black patent leather zippered envelope by anewlife on etsy. $28.

14.5 inches. Vintage 1960s white clutch from charlialana on etsy. $16.

14 inches. Vintage 1960s brown vinyl handbag from newtovous on etsy. $34.99.

16 inches. Vintage 1950s oversized clutch from shhbang on etsy. $60.

18 inches. Vintage extra-long carpetbagger clutch from diddle47 on etsy. $35.

Egyptian Revival

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Earlier this year, after a violent revolution that lasted 18 days, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down, ending three decades of mostly unchallenged rule.

To celebrate the tenacity and courage of the citizens of Egypt, we are having an Egyptian revival here on the blog, featuring a collection of vintage (or vintage-y) Egyptian-inspired artifacts our fashion archeologists dug up on etsy and eBay this week. Think of this as ammo for your one-person fashion revolution. Click on each image below to see the full listing.

Vintage 1960s/1970s goddess dress with screen printed hieroglyphs, gorgeous pleats and a matching belt, by Alfred Shaheen. $149 on eBay.


Vintage Egyptian revival necklace on eBay. Starting bid $8.99.


Vintage geometric Egyptian-inspired top from SpunSugarVintage on etsy. $22.


Pharaoh head earrings by sheilabjewels on etsy. $35.


Vintage robe with Egyptian motif from FabFoundFrocks on etsy. $64.


Vintage 1980s Egyptian print maillot on eBay. $24.99.



Vintage hieroglyphs dress from AfternoonShowers on etsy. $43.



Vintage Egyptian revival cufflinks on eBay. Starting bid $4.99.


Vintage 1970s disco shirt with camels and pyramids from Flashbax on etsy. $10.


Vintage Egyptian twins leather handbag from LuckyRabbitShoppe on etsy. $25.


Vintage 1960s maillot from pineapplemint on etsy. $19.20.


Egyptian king earrings by irenebreeden on etsy. $8.



Vintage 1970s Egyptian embroidered tunic from lusciousvintage on etsy. $38.


Vintage 1970s Egyptian sphinx top from SallyJaneVintage on etsy. $26.


Vintage 1980s Egyptian Queen Nefertiti skirt from streeturchinvintage on etsy. $33.

Nautical Inspired Accessories

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Pair the accessories below with some high waisted flares and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for a nautical edge that won’t go overboard. Photo credit: Patrick Demarchelier for Catherine McNeil. Vogue UK, January 2010. 

Since you’re going to be busy shopping for yachts, I have taken care of the accessory shopping for you. Here are some nautical inspired pieces I found on eBay and etsy today (click on each image to go directly to the listing):

Marc Jacobs strappy sandals on eBay. Starting bid: $24.99. Auction ends in 5 days.

Ms. Smith Summer Sail loop belt on etsy. By daniellehensley. $30.  

Hello Sailor jersey infinity scarf on etsy. By remixedbyjacki. $15.

Betsy Johnson anchor bangle on eBay. Starting bid $39.99. Auction ends in just over 1 day.

Navy style shoulder/tote bag by meilingsketchbook on etsy. $65.

Vintage sheer navy dress, tunic, shawl or cover up on eBay. Current bid $14.99.

Written by Verdell

July 19, 2011 at 6:54 pm