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Fashion Files: André Courrèges

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André Courrèges, self-proclaimed inventor of the mini-skirt, launched his ultra-modern ‘Space Age’ collection in 1964 and went on to become one of the most copied fashion designers of all time. A former civil engineer, Courrèges’ clothes were sharp, angular and mathematically designed. His clean-cut collection included trouser suits with immaculately cut straight legs and streamlined jackets. The look was created using heavyweight gabardines and other heavy fabrics to maintain a rigid structure. He also employed PVC, metal and plastic in many of his designs.  

Today, vintage Courrèges pieces from the 1960s are rare and can sell for hundreds of dollars. Below are some vintage Courrèges items found on eBay and etsy this week. Click on each image to see the full listing.

Courrèges red wool gabardine mini-dress, 1964. Photo credit: Victoria & Albert Museum. Dress donated by Stavros Niarchos.

Vintage Courrèges “Eskimo” sunglasses. Current bid $162.47 on eBay.

Vintage 1960s Courrèges Sunkist orange PVC jacket from TimelessVixenVintage on etsy. $550.

Vintage Courrèges cap toe patent gogo boots from pamcoco on etsy. $335.

Vintage Courrèges lavender a-line dress from vintagedresscloset on etsy. $395.

Vintage Courrèges purple PVC vest by pamcoco on etsy. $525.

Vintage Courrèges dress with mesh back from violentvintage on etsy. $390.

Vintage 1960s Courrèges structured jacket from EndlessAlley on etsy. $110.

Mod Courrèges orange vinyl wallet from snapitupvintage on etsy. $175.

Vintage Courrèges modernist earrings from popgoesmyvintage on etsy. $40.

Vintage Courrèges black vinyl purse from snapitupvintage on etsy. $285.

Vintage Courrèges “Futur Couture” dress. $690 on eBay.

Vintage 1970s Courrèges ivory wool and mohair dress from thriffany on etsy. Also available in black. $250.

Vintage 1960s Courrèges navy blue handbag from TheMysteryDrawer on etsy. $150.

Vintage Courrèges stamped enamel necklace. $95 on eBay.

Vintage Courrèges sheer sweater from violentvintage on etsy. $120.

Vintage Courrèges sweater with drawstring waist. $109.99 on eBay.

Vintage 1970s Courrèges silk scarf. $160 on eBay.

Vintage Courrèges “Sport Futur” dress. $213.34 on eBay.

Vintage Courrèges sunglasses frames on eBay. $85.

Vintage Courrèges Hyperbole wool jacket. $699.95 on eBay.

Vintage Courrèges sculptural sunglasses. $980 on eBay.

Vintage 1970s Courrèges cashmere blend turtleneck sweater. $70 on eBay.

Make a Spectacle of Yourself

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I scored an impeccable pair of vintage Missoni sunglasses this week, but first I had to wade through an online sea of new old stock/dead stock (vintage, never used), gently used and vintage knock-off sunglasses on eBay and etsy.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of junk out there.

To save you the pain of replicating my exhaustive search, below I have assembled a collection of some of the more interesting, original vintage sunnies I found on eBay and etsy this week. Click on each image below to view the entire listing.

Vintage (new old stock) Miss Dior sunglasses on eBay. Starting bid $99.

Vintage (60s dead stock) mid-century, electric orange sunglasses with super thick plastic frames. $67.50 on etsy.

Vintage (used) 70s Christian Dior oversized square sunglasses with shades of butterscotch to dark taupe. $188 on etsy.

Vintage (dead stock) 70s funky mint sunglasses made in Germany. $59.99 om etsy.

Vintage (new old stock, never used) brown aviators on etsy. $6.75.

Vintage (deadstock) 60s mod, navy blue square framed sunnies on etsy. $67.50.

Vintage (used) tiger striped amber blockers with smokey gradient lens and side panels. Made in Italy. $16 on etsy.

Vintage (used) Diane von Furstenburg tan, black and orange sunglasses on eBay. $150.

Vintage (used) 70s sunglasses made in France with unique, geometric arms. $44.40 on etsy.

Vintage (barely used) 70s Ski Optics Japan red, white and blue sunglasses/ski glasses. $30 on etsy.

Vintage (used) mirrored sunnies, made in France. $9.99 on etsy.

Vintage (used) gold plastic aviators with green plastic lenses. $7 on etsy.

Vintage (new old stock) Christian Dior sunglasses from the 70s. $225 on etsy.

Vintage (dead stock) brown sunglasses with glass lenses and metal arms and bridge. $9.98 on etsy.

Vintage (new old stock) 70s nose guard sunglasses by Bollé on eBay. $299.

Vintage (used) 70’s frosted sunglasses with lightweight metal frame and light brown tinted glass lenses. $8 on etsy.

Vintage (dead stock) 70s Emilio Pucci amber shades on etsy. $189.

Vintage (used) 60s pastel yellow sunglasses on etsy. Very mod. $35.

Vintage 70s round sunglasses with clear frames and blue lenses on eBay. $99.

Vintage (appear unworn) 70s Valentino sunglasses on eBay. $89.

Vintage 70s ski aviators with red metal frame on eBay. $7.99.

Vintage (new old stock) 70s Playgirl butterfly sunglasses on eBay. Buy it Now for $69 or make an offer.

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July 22, 2011 at 1:22 pm