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‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ Part Deux

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Earlier this week we curated a collection of vintage black dresses inspired by the season premiere of Mad Men. Unfortunately, we found so many fantastic pieces on eBay and etsy that we had to divide them into two features. Below you will find part deux of This Week’s Look, which features a number of vintage 1960s black mini (or mini-adjacent) dresses, all available on etsy or eBay today. Click on each image to see the individual listing.

Vintage 1960s rhinestone trimmed cocktail dress from GabiLu91 on etsy. $235.

Vintage 1960s “Leslie Pomer” label dress with accordion pleated angel sleeves and rhinestone trim from Jewels4pandas on etsy. This is a maxi length dress that could easily be shortened to a mini.

Vintage 1960s cocktail mini with sheer sleeves and rhinestone encrusted buttons on the cuffs. $38.95.

Vintage 1960s mini dress with sheer pleated sleeves and rhinestone buttons on collar and cuffs from BombshellShocked on etsy. $63.

Vintage 1960s to 1970s mini dress with sheer pleated angel sleeves from MajikHorse on etsy. $70.

Vintage 1960s mini dress with jeweled button cuffs from GravelGhostVintage on etsy. $50.

Vintage 1960s to 1970s mini dress with jewel trimmed collar and cuffs. Current bid on eBay is $50.

Vintage 1970s crocheted mini dress with scalloped edges. Current bid on eBay is $128.50.

Vintage 1960s cocktail dress with sheer chiffon sleeves and perma ruffles. Current bid on eBay is $12.99.

Vintage 1960s stunning cocktail dress trimmed with mink tails from carelessdarlin on etsy.




























Vintage 1960s mini with empire waist sheer angel sleeves from MsCharlie68 on etsy. $63.99.


A Curated Collection of Vintage Turbans

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Modern men and women are privileged to have access to an infinite variety of hair products to manipulate sad tresses into any imaginable shape. But our brave predecessors had far fewer options. Back then, a bad hair day could ruin your week. Back then, fashion was the only cure for deadly hair. Hats, snoods, beanies, scarves, buckets (in a pinch), and yes…turbans.

We have for you this week an expertly curated collection of sensational vintage turbans, all available right now from various sellers on eBay and etsy. Click on each image below to see the actual listing.

And if you’re thinking, “there’s no way I could ever pull off a vintage turban!” you’re most likely correct. Only those who fully appreciate the exalted turban deserve to wear one. So march on, sister. March on.

Vintage 1960s two-tone chartreuse silk turban from pastique on etsy.

A pattern for a vintage 1930s crocheted fishnet turban from eStitches on etsy.

Vintage 1960s dramatic peacock turban from StelmaDesigns on etsy.

Vintage 1960s Christian Dior apple green pleated turban on eBay.

Glamorous vintage pink satin turban by Jeanne Lanvin Paris Castillo on eBay.

The Bacardi. A vintage 1960s sizzling silver turban from Luncheonettevintage on etsy.

Vintage 1960s Christian Dior pastel yarn cloud turban on eBay.

Vintage 1960s black and white pleated turban from AnaChronos on etsy.

Vintage Lily Dache pleated taffeta turban on eBay.

Vintage turban draped with feathers and sequined netting on eBay.

Vintage 1960s bold orange turban from RoadsLessTravelled2 on etsy.

Vintage Adolfo turban with pink polka dots from BoroughVintage on etsy.

Vintage 1950s to 1960s striking eggplant turban from RoadsLessTravelled2 on etsy.

Vintage 1960s mystere noir turban from MonDesirVintage on etsy.

Midnight Soiree Cocktail Ring

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My new favorite cocktail ring features a giant olivine glass cabochon stone on a textured antiqued gold-plated base. $29.99 on I received 60 percent off my first purchase when I signed up.

Written by Verdell

January 19, 2012 at 10:56 pm