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Party Girl

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I sense a dark cloud creeping in the distance. You feel it too, I know. That foreboding sense of doom is the end of summer, and thus, the beginning of the holiday party season.

So you’re going to need a new evening gown. Don’t even think about wearing that one from last year. It’s tired and you know it. Be adventurous. Wear some freaking color you Quaker; it’s winter not a funeral. Or if you do go with black, make sure there are interesting details like lace or beading. Don’t make the accessories do all the work. And have some fun, man. It’s just a dress.

Here are some choice cocktail/evening gowns we found on etsy and eBay this week. Click on each image to see the full listing. Cheers.

Vintage 1960s beaded chiffon gown on eBay. Buy it now for $299 or make an offer.

Vintage 1950s Kelly green evening gown with embroidered rhinestone bodice and structured hips. $268 on etsy.

Hello Marilyn. Vintage 1950s bombshell evening gown. $300 on eBay.

Vintage Bill Blass two-piece, quilted black satin ensemble with caped jacket and shift dress. Current bid on eBay $275.

Red carpet ready. Vintage satiny red gown. $49.95 on eBay.

Vintage 1960s hot pink scalloped formal on eBay. Current bid $149.

Vintage Lord & Taylor strapless sweetheart gown. $49.95 on eBay.

Vintage Lord & Taylor seafoam green cocktail dress and matching coat. Buy it now on eBay for $108 or make an offer.

Classic floor length dress with illusion lace bodice. Vintage 1940s Emma Domb evening gown from PaisleyBabylon on etsy. $298.

Vintage 1950s beaded yellow gown on eBay. Buy it now for $100.

Vintage 1950s pale pink and black flocked hourglass gown. $260 on etsy.

A walking Tiffany’s box. Vintage 1960s sheer aqua dress with chiffon overlay. Buy it now on eBay for $78.

Vintage late 1960s to 1970s handmade beauty queen gown from zoevintageboutique on etsy. $250.

Diminutive Dresses

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My neighbor Bich Ngoc is a tiny Vietnamese woman. Not regular tiny. Like when she turns to the side, she disappears tiny. Shopping in the children’s section tiny. Anyway, you get it. She’s small. And because she is so miniscule, her fashion problems are often dismissed because small is viewed by most as an advantageous trait. Unfortunately for Bich Ngoc, few people (especially other women, rawr) have sympathy for her plight. That is, until now. Today, we are featuring a number of diminutive vintage dresses for women like Bich Ngoc, all in sizes extra small and smaller. And not just cute girly dresses, but sexy frocks to put a little sizzle on our lusciously lean ladies. Click on each image below to see the full listing.

Vintage 1960s celadon satin cocktail dress, size XXS-XS, from crushvintage on etsy. $64.

Vintage late-1950s Lanz navy party dress, size XXS, from coralvintage on etsy. $200.

Vintage 1960s mod cage dress, size XS-S, from Thrush on etsy. $118.

Vintage floral halter dress, size xxs, from bitterrootvintage on etsy. $28.

Vintage 1960s white party dress, size XS-S, from Thrush on etsy. $84.

Vintage 1950s mocha latte wiggle dress, size XXS-XS, from retrorocketgirl on etsy. $65.

Check out this sexy plunging halter dress. Vintage 1960s blue Hawaiian maxi dress, size XXS-XS, from CatseyeVintage on etsy. $125. Just marked down! 50% off!

If I were this size, this would be mine! Vintage 1960s mod dress, size XXS-XS, from michelleanna on etsy. $40.

Vintage 1960s black and gold cocktail dress from HepCatClothes on etsy, size XXS-XS. $185.

Vintage 1970s day dress, size XS, from vintagemarmalade on etsy. $46.

So sexy. I love the low back and fitted darts. Vintage tweed and raw edge black lace dress from Samlovesvintage on etsy, size 0. $89.

Vintage red dress, size XXS-XS, from JulesAtelier on etsy. $97.90.

Vintage 1960s silk brocade dress, so Mad Men, size XXS-XS, from leafpeoplevintage on etsy. $29.

Vintage 1950s chiffon secretary dress from VeriteVintage on etsy, size XXS-XS. $124.

Vintage 1970s pink sun dress, size XXS-XS, from HalfPastaFreckle on etsy. $28.

Vintage turquoise & white polka dot dress, size XXS-XS, from LolaJeanVintage on etsy. $40.

Vintage plaid mini-dress, size XXS-XS, from DiamondGraffiti on etsy. $12.

Vintage sweet eyelet sun dress, size XXS, from MsTips on etsy. $42.

Written by Verdell

August 12, 2011 at 12:02 pm