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Vintage Italian Knitwear

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Some of the best vintage knitwear came from Italy in the 1960s and 1970s, thanks to the arrival of Italy’s ready-to-wear industry. Italian fashion looked much different than Parisian haute couture at the time – it was cleaner, with impeccable construction and bold colors.

The density of vintage knitwear lends itself well to the cooler months. Below we have assembled a colorful variety of vintage knitwear (not all from Italy, but most), as seen on eBay and etsy this week. Click on each image to see the full listing.

Vintage bright red wool knit coat on eBay. Current bid $108.

Vintage 1960s to 1970s wool knit dress on eBay. $159.

Vintage 1960s Gino Paoli knit coat from LadyGoLightly on etsy. $65.

Vintage 1970s-1980s Missoni sweater from DecadesBaltimore on etsy. $200.

Vintage 1960s classic hot pink wool knit coat from VintageFanAttic on etsy. $50.

Highly collectible Banff Ltd 1960s to 1970s double knit coat on eBay. $90.

Vintage 1960s to 1970s red and black knit dress on eBay. $158 or make an offer.

Vintage 1970s candy stripey wool knit dress on eBay. $139.

Vintage 1960s lemony Jackie O dress on eBay. $30.

Vintage 1950s beige wool knit sweater on eBay. $69.

This drop waisted cut is very now. Vintage 1960s wool knit dress from RubyChicBoutique on etsy. $95.

Vintage 1960s black and gold wool knit wiggle dress on eBay. $49.

Vintage 1960s-1970s lipstick red knit sweater dress on eBay. $89.

Vintage 1950s Bianca lime green or chartreuse reversible knit dress on eBay. Current bid $35.95

Written by Verdell

September 21, 2011 at 4:51 pm

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